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A green alternative to ice melters and road salt


EcoTractionTM, the world’s safest and most effective traction agent to prevent winter slips and falls on icy surfaces.EcoTraction is the perfect winter traction product for consumers, businesses and cities that:

• care about the environment;
• demand the best winter traction available;
• need instant traction for freezing rain or car emergencies;
• need to protect concrete or stone walkways;
• are concerned about pet and animal health;
• desire beautiful, healthy lawns & landscaping;
• want to reduce potential slip & fall liabilities;
• buy products that provide exceptional value.

Safe for Kids, Pets & Wildlife


EcoTraction is a green-colored all-natural volcanic mineral that is completely safe to touch or accidentally ingest by children, pets, and wildlife. EcoTraction also contains nosalt, chlorides, chemicals, or dyes.

Safe enough for plants to grow in!

Tracks Less than Sand or Salt


Anything on the ground can be tracked indoors, and all ice control products have this drawback. However, EcoTraction’s lower spread rate and ice embedding power means EcoTraction tracks less than sand or salt. EcoTraction is also a softer stone than sand or gravel, making it less likely to scratch flooring.


$ 15.99 per Bag

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